Monday, September 7, 2009

For Amy O. and Her Son

A special "Back to School" Greeting from Puddin' Tater Jones!

Here's ole P.T.J. heading out to recess after another delicious meal in the school cafeteria!

Is every one as psyched as he is for another school year? I know I am!


Gabrielle said...

-cough- No. -cough- I'm a freshmen, I'mma get stomped on. >_> D:

But, at least I have you writing a third book some time in the future (you said there was gonna be another book, yeah? ) to look forward to. ^^

I actually JUST got Kiss of Life back from my friend, even though she got it from me two months ago and finished it in like...two days. XDD The book was EPIC, by the way.


Nothing said...

Lol I've just started it too. Very good. What a unique picture. Thought school isn't that much fun.

Delaney the Undead said...

hahaha school is awesome! You can only truly appreciate it once youre no longer in it. (not that Id relive any of that.)

Im trying to get funds to go undergrad so i can get into veterinary school! Wish me luck!

xXBrunkyXx said...

I started school on August 12th. School is a wonferful thing. Keeps me out of trouble...though not much trouble can go on in a town that only 800 people reside lolz. :)

Daniel Waters said...

Hi Gabrielle!

No stomping allowed! I will send the Sons of Romero to take care of business if someone even thinks about stomping you!

Except, um, they are fictional characters. Make some big friends!

Take care,

Hi Raziel-Red!

I actually miss school--which might indicate how poor my memory actually is!

Take care,

Hi Delaney!

Good luck! The animals of the world need your tender ministrations!

Take care,

Hi xXBrunkyXx!

I'm sure, if we put our heads together, we could think of ways to get in trouble even in a town of only 800 people. But, um, maybe we shouldn't.

Take care,

fireflie said...

I've just gone back to school too, to start my as levels (public exams in england) so not really looking foreward to it...
The picture is really cool though =P
I agree with Gabrielle kiss of life was amazing!
And I've been meaning to say for ages: whenever I hear the song rebirthing by skillet I think of generation dead/kiss of life so if you haven't listened to it you should! (sorry very random..)

ellynna said...

wow nice statue

Saundra said...

WOW!! This picture looks just like my teenage daughter getting out of bed at 5am to get ready for school! She just started her freshman year and is not quite used to getting up that early! Good thing is, now I have been reading all her books while she is at school. (Generation Dead being one of them!) I finished it in 2 days and immediately ran out to purchase "Kiss of Life" that same day! She was so angry that I read it before she did that I am frightened that she might make me a "differently biotic Mom"! Unfortunately I'm not under 18, so it's unlikely that I would be back!(maybe as a ghost just to haunt her & read her books!) If this happens, please remember me in writing your next book, LOL!

Seriously, I am very grateful that my daughter loves to read and she chose one of your books to read this summer. I will be continuing to raid her book shelves and will be adding your future books to her collection.

Thank you,

Daniel Waters said...

Hi fireflie!

Why thank you. I've never heard that song before but I'll try and give it a listen. Skillet, huh?

Take care,

Hi Ellyna!


take care,

Hi Saundra!

Too funny! Thank you for that.

Take care,

JD said...

puddin tater is awesome