Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Foolish, Foolish Heart

I've come to the realization that when I go running at the park, no one else is travelling in my direction. Almost everyone that I meet while tromping along the 1.5 mile asphalt loop around park and pond is going clockwise, whereas I go counter. Weird. The realization was one of those paranoia inducing moments out of the Stepford Wives or The Body Snatchers, where first you begin to doubt your own sanity, and then you begin to doubt everyone else's--which is really the same thing, when you think about it.

Speaking of paranoia, here's a couple of pages out of my Rorschach-style running journal (got to get me a cool mask like his and a new moniker--Loveschach, maybe?).

Friday, March 27, 8:00 a.m.: Ran three loops, walked one. Listened to Monsters of Rock Playlist on random, heard many post-Peter but pre-makeupless Kiss songs.

Sunny day, light frost on grass and mist like demon breath on pond. Passed eight people, all going opposite direction. The man who wears Caulfield-style red cap with ear flaps. The cute elderly couple who feed squirrels. Lone stationary fisherman. D&D coffee guy. The two women who talk with their hands. A parks and rec guy I never saw before.

Was hissed at by Canada goose. Mate a few feet away on the shore. Protecting nest. Progeny to follow, more birdies to be laid against the foundations. Cute elderly couple scattered seeds on walkway; squirrels slow, almost obstinate, about getting out of the way. Glad I wore my gloves.

Saturday, March 28, 1:00 p.m.: Ran four loops, walked one. Loops two and three in exactly the same time according to iPod stopwatch. Still listening to MOR on random; but randomizer played songs three and four from side one of Iron Maiden's Powerslave in sequence. Evidence of ordered pattern to universe? Probably not.

Beautiful day, if one judges such things according to warmth and available light. Counted thirty two different people in travels today, only one going same direction. Young woman, walking swiftly, seemed to flinch when I passed her on the right.

Saw Holden Cap guy, D&D coffee guy, and other elderly couple who pick up trash, absent Friday. Community service, removing trash from park. Can never remove enough. Signs at entrance of park say no dogs, no wheels. Nearly crashed into by family of four on bikes. Two just learning to ride. Unleashed Pekingese leaves two piles of waste equal in mass to Pekingese on walkway; pair of leashed children restrained from petting dog. On third lap, saw both piles with waffle-weave tread in center. A plethora of strollers, only half of which with visible babies.

Monday, March 30: 7:45 a.m.: Ran three loops, walked one. Listened to Blast!, playlist of fast songs. First song Misfits' "This Island Earth". Significant?

Gray day, damp. Passed eleven people. Elderly couple that feeds squirrels, elderly couple that picks up trash, D&D coffee guy, Old Holden, talks-to-himself guy, two parks and rec guys working on the gazebo, one of the two women who talk with their hands, woman who I've never seen before. No other runners, but there aren't usually in the mornings.

All moving opposite me; lone boat beating against the tide. Metaphor? Or big hill avoidance strategy on their part? Cluster of squirrels on third hill, second loop little furry balls of resentment. Many are missing tails. Canada goose does not hiss; we've reached an understanding. Pekingese piles squashed flat by waffle treads, hard scabs on skin of the world, resistant to all elements. My side itches. Passed talks-to-himself-guy three times in one loop. Possible? Or some type of tachyon interference? Even elderly couple who pick up trash seem sullen today; greeting on each loop increasingly awkward experience. Wonder what's for lunch?


cupcakewitch said...

Maybe you go the opposite way just because you are cooler then everyone else?
The Misfits rock… well, the one with “This Island Earth” and the ones with Glenn Danzig anyway.

Zombie Girl.X said...

Hey going your own way, it's cool :P
standing out from the crowd, being unique, BREAKING THE MOULD....

I'll stop now xD

matthew dow smith said...

You know... I can almost hear you reading the running diary in that raspy Rorschach voice, especially the bits about waffle patterns in dog-poo.

And Loveschach is a new Daniel Waters classic. I'll never be able to listen to the B-52s again without thinking of you in a trenchcoat and face mask with ever changing heart patterns on it.


Minx said...

Those darn geese. One time we had to sip an entire hole on the golf course during a match because the geese had taken over.

Woo! Go against the current! :)

Raschel_[Reads it.] said...

I'm so with you in your direction! That's how you know you're cool. You're a leader, not a follower. Its a good thing, and nothing to get worked up over. Eventually they'll all start walking your way.


Lita138 said...

I read the title of this blog and started singing Steve Perry! hahaha Then I laughed when I read that you had been llistening to MOR because those comps rule! I hope to be a cool parent like you one day..hee hee I will be rocking out to the Misfits while I am sure my kids will be rolling thier eyes! :)

Minx said...

Woops, I meant "Skip", not "sip".



Green said...

Whoa, i was just idly listing to This Mortal coil when I thought "I read a book about this..." I searched up Generation Dead and guess what, Found your blog.At first I just thought it was just some book fanatic, but no! You're the author! Then I began reading it and you started going off in Rorschach rambles about geese, a elderly couple, and running. This is when I decided you're going to be the first blog I have ever followed.

Daniel Waters said...

Hi Cupcakewitch!

I don't think I've ever been accused of being cooler than everone else! And I don't think that's it, really--I think I'm just out of step with much of society.

Except Misfits fans! Love, love the Misfits.

take care,

Hi Zombie Girl.X!

Oh, you don't have to stop if you don't want...

Take care,

Hello Matthew Dow Smith,

I think my Loveschack mask will instead look like a lava lamp with red lava, and will bubble in a completely assymetrical way...

Take care,

Hi Minx!

Those geese can be pests sometimes, can't they? I can remember some pretty nauseating geese experience when at college, which they had overrun...

Take care,

Hi Raschel!

Well, I don't know about all that--some people have "followers" who follow with pitchforks and torches, after all! But I'll heed your advice. I rarely get worked up over stuff like that anyway. Cool as a cucumber, me.

Take care,

Hi Lita!

I live my life by the teachings of Steve Perry! Don't stop believin', he/we always say.

I think you'd have to get a second opinion from my kids as to whether or not I am a "cool" parent...

Take care,

Hi Green!

I'm honored! Thank you. I hope you continue to find interest here.

Take care,

Anonymous said...

Don't stop posting such stories. I love to read blogs like this. Just add more pics :)