Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Fan Art

Love is like oxygen

When I wrote about my friend Matthew Dow Smith the other day, I omitted the fact that I'm insanely jealous of him. Not because of his good looks, immense wealth, or exceptional taste in clothing, food and wine--but because he can draw. I can't draw. I always wanted to be able to draw, and I've put in countless hours of time trying to draw, but I just can't. Intellectually I can understand the mechanics of drawing and composition, but I just can't execute on the page. When I was younger I desperately wanted a career in comic books, but if I was ever going to get there, it wouldn't be through my artistic skill.

Second best is writing something that someone illustrates or represents through another artistic medium. Of the many wonderful moments associated with the publication of Generation Dead, the moment I received the jpeg of the cover (designed by the beautiful and obviously mega-talented Elizabeth H. Clark, who also did the stunning Kiss of Life cover) ranks very high up there. Especially because when I was told the concept for the cover, I absolutely hated it! But then when I saw the finished result, it was love at first sight, and from that moment on I decided I'd shut up and let people do their jobs.

This week I've discovered that other talented people have produced Generation Dead inspired artwork, which makes me even happier than the sugar and cream laden Tank of coffee that I just pounded (yes, I'm back on the bean). I ran across a website called Deviantart.com, which has a few really, really nice GD inspired pieces. If you go to the site and do a search for "Generation Dead" (include the quotes, otherwise you'll get everything with either of those words in it) you can check it out.

Makes me think that I should find a place for so-called "fan art" here on the site. Hmmmmm....


Hallie said...

Hmmm. Thanks for the post. Yeah, you should make a "fan art" area. I've drawn some pictures of Tommy myself ha-ha. Can't say they're that good. And I love the KISS OF LIFE cover also. (: Amazing.

ImThe'Laugh'In'Slaughter' said...

This post has inspired me to attempt to draw a picture of Tommy. Now notice I said 'attempt', for I cannot draw to save my life, either.
Don't be surprised if it turns out completely unrecognizable.

Daniel Waters said...

Hey HallietheDeadGirl!

Hey ImThe'Laugh'In'Slaughter'!

If you want to send your art along to be placed on the website, you can email TommyWilliams17 at aol dot com. Sweet!

Take care,

Delaney the Undead said...

You know, the deviantart.com thing was cool...and although my art skills arent the worst of the worst, im not going to attempt any. lol

I'd LOVE,however, if any of
you guys out there who actually DO have good skills at drawing, painting, ect..could design something with the
'harvest moon above, dead boy on the field, trying to show us what it means to be alive' poem on it...Id sooo buy that print and put it in my wall, I love that quote. I think there were one or two peices already made with that particular book quote...

Anonymous said...

I think it is more about the perception of the drawling itself than the attractive glow it carries.

A study that had been done..
one in a college room and one in a room full of girls and boys in pre-k insighted that the "pre-k'ers" so to speak could draw when asked if they could.

The college students react to only a few hands raising in the class room.

Helen said...

I'd love to see my Margi drawing on your website ^^ Thanks for asking.

Becca the Rainbow Monster said...

I can draw! YAY!!!! (but not exactly amazing at it..so....)
Am soooo tottaly sending in fanart....right....NOW!!!