Monday, May 5, 2008

Tomorrow Never Knows

Happy Cinco de Mayo, everyone. Celebrate responsibly.

Tomorrow, Generation Dead will finally be released. I plan to take a long drive to various bookstores to see it on the shelves, and in the places where they don't have it to throw a childish tantrum.

Yesterday this blog received more unique user hits than any other day, which is very cool. I wish that there was a web tool that could measure how unique each user was, then I could tell if normal people were checking the site as well as all of you exceptionally wonderful people.


Anonymous said...

Hello there, fellow zombie-fiction author. I'm Laura Jeanne Brigley, a freshman at an unimportant high school, and I approve your novel.

Just a tip: next time you're giving a novel out for publication, make sure whoever's editing for you doesn't miss more than ten typographical errors. ;)

I just lent your book to my friend; she sounded pretty excited to read it, so you're doing something right. Keep up the good work.

Daniel Waters said...

Hello Laura Jeanne Brigley!

Thanks so for your post, and for passing the book along. For the record, I would never blame any of the fine people who worked on it for any errors you may find. They are n-nuh nuh n-nuh nuh nuh nooooooo body's fault but mine.

Thanks for your post,