Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Book of Tomorrow...Today!

Ok, so in retrospect being at the bookstore the exact moment it opens might not have been the smartest move in order to see GD on the shelves. I used to manage a chain bookstore, and to be honest, there were many days where the weekly "changeover" did not happen as fast as I'd like. Or even in that week, actually.

Of course, that was back in the day, before the age of the Book Superstore, where there are a staff of 24-hour Killbots that shelve the books all through the night (I don't know why the superstores insist on buying Killbots, when plain old robots would do. Only the ideas are dangerous at a bookstore).

The Killbots were busy, but there were a ton of new releases set for May 6th, many of them by established authors with three or four or two dozen books under their belt, so I'm sure the Killbots had to set all their stuff up before giving some love to the rookie.

Here's the breakdown of what I saw and experienced:

Bookstore #1, 9:30 a.m. No Generation Dead on the shelf. In-store computer says it is "likely" in the store. Clerk thinks there might be a box of them. I resist the urge to kick the castle that the Killbots have built out of copies of a certain other book with a May 6 release date at the front of the store when I leave.

Bookstore #2: 9:45 a.m. I spy five copies of GD on a rolling cart. The clerk asks if I need any help and I scurry away, drawing my cloak over my face.

Bookstore #3: 10:00 a.m. No visible copies of GD, but the clerk is sure he's seen it over the weekend, and even describes it as being "the one with the cheerleader, right?" I resist the urge to have him describe it further, even though there are approximately 857 books in the Teen section with a cheerleader on the cover. Anyhow, the in-store computer says there aren't any in the store, and the clerk thinks he remembers selling one over the weekend, so he tells me that "they must have sold out. I resist the urge to ask him how many copies they had, what the buyers were like, and was he certain that they were going to good homes.

Notice How many urges I am suppressing? That can't be healthy.

Bookstore #1 10:15 a.m. Because my other favorite hobby is smashing my own head against my desk, I go back to bookstore #1. Still no GD in sight.

Bookstore #2 10:20 a.m 5 copies of GD are now displayed on the "Hot New Reads" wall. Yay!

I start the long drive towards home. I stop at a favorite fast food chain of mine and have a truly awful meal.

Bookstore #4 11:30 a.m. There is a nice "Teen Reads" table with lots of great books, and a stack of five copies of Generation Dead. In the main YA section, there are another five copies of Generation Dead on the shelf next to some of Scott Westerfeld's books. I'm excited about this because I really like Scott's books. Well, really I'm just excited to see GD on the shelf, but I really do like Scott's books. The clerk tells me that they actually sold a few over the weekend, and she speaks with, um, more credibility that the clerk from bookstore #3.

My spies and emissaries from far afield have called and emailed to say that they've seen the book in stores as well. Some of them go as far to say that they have purchased the book--bless them. Has anyone seen the multi-copy display? They had a few such displays (or "dumps", to use the common retail parlance) in bookstore #4 but not one for GD. I'd really like to see what that looks like, if anyone spots it.


Anonymous said...

I got your book today. I went to my local Borders and bought it. There was a nice piled displayed on the shelf, but no "dump" that I could see. I saw a review of it on someone's blog, but do not remember who's. Could find out if you are interested. Anyway, I sat in the cafe and read the first chapter. I was hooked when you wrote "Tommy was trying to smile back at her." I then went in line and bought it.

Daniel Waters said...

Hi Allie!

Thanks for the intel, and thanks for buying the book. I'm happy that you took it for a test drive before buying it. I hope you enjoy the rest as well.

Take care,

Fran Friel said...

I spy five copies of GD on a rolling cart. The clerk asks if I need any help and I scurry away, drawing my cloak over my face.

Cracked me up, Dan.

I propose a photo journal road trip. Details to follow.

It must all be very thrilling, Dan. I couldn't be happier for you. And I guarantee I'll be turning GD face-forward on every bookstore shelf I come upon.


BloggingBooksGalore said...

As I said before...I know they had it at the bookstore I got my from (umm...duh) but I had mine pulled and reserved at the front desk.

If there aren't any at the store I work at when I go in on sunday I will be doing a special order...cuz how can I make it a staff pick if there is no physical book for this staff to pick!?!?

fantastic book...I'm dying...heheh...for another one. I don't know if I can handle waiting a year! so if/when you get some ARC I would be sooooooooo happy to take one off your hands.

your personally dubbed BBG

Anonymous said...

Loving the blog posts! Our library (Iowa City) just got our two copies in yesterday and the covers were even shinier than I expected. That cover screams "pick me up and check me out".

Daniel Waters said...

This is the coolest blog comment ever--a writer, a bookseller, and a librarian--the three graces of the book world.

Hey Fran!

Road trips are cool, but I'm not so sure about the photo-journaling. I have a tendency when photographed to be surrounded by orbs and it freaks me out.

And thanks for the guerrilla marketing!


Your staff pick? Awesome. I love staff picks.
I'll see about the arcs--I think we've got awhile before those are done.

Hi icplteens!

That is thrilling news--I've never been to Iowa City, but now my books have. Cool.

And I apologize for all the screaming they are doing in your library. Yuk, yuk.

Thanks all for the posts!

Take care,


The Compulsive Reader said...

Hi Daniel,

I review YA books, and have a blog (click on my name to see it...)and I reviewed Generation Dead just this past week. I also went to Chicago last weekend, and visited the giant Borders downtown, where I didn't see any copies of Generation Dead.

But that's not because they didn't have any, it was because I saw some people in front of me in the checkout line with all the copies. (I did the Happy Dance when I saw this). They were in Chicago for the weekend like me, and also like me, were not used to seeing copies of books out before their pub date, so therefore they bought all 5 copies of Generation Dead that were left. This was way cool of them, and I also asked the people who worked at the store to get more. They said more were on their way! So there's Generation Dead for everyone!

Anyway, I am loving your blog, and I very nearly turned into an insane zombie myself with that cliff hanger ending you gave.

Anyways, keep up the amazing work, and I really am looking froward to hearing more about a sequel!



Anonymous said...

Haha. L.J. Brigley here again, I actually picked up the book because the cover was so attractive. But then, I've always been the type to just walk into a bookstore and pick up whatever looks neat at first glance. Apparently, there are people who actually read reviews first! Who knew?

When I entered Borders, I went to the Young Adult section, and there were about 6 of the books on the shelf where they put the new stuff and the really popular stuff, like Scott Westerfeld's books. That's where I usually go first, so it caught my eye immediately.

Daniel Waters said...

Hello TCR!

Thank you for the thrilling review, which I moticed is also on the Amazon site. I'm blushing.

Sold out in Chicago? This calls for a celebration! Bratwurst for all!

Sorry I almost turned you into a zombie.

Take care,

Daniel Waters said...

Welcome back, L.J.!

I shop the same way most of the time (although I am reading reviews to figure out what YA books I should read). I'm a sucker for a good cover or title (I'm also a cover for really bad or outlandish covers, especially on old paperbacks).

Thanks for the intel,


Anonymous said...

Hey Dan!
I've just spent a whole five minutes google-ing you, trying to find out if there is going to be another GD book?...

Anyways, I read your book a few days ago, picked it up at my local Barnes and Nobles, had it done in a couple hours! I have to admit I didn't buy it but I am planning on it (really, I am. I have to re-read it). It was fantastic, love the spin on zombies.

Daniel Waters said...

Hi viry-wa!

A second book? Only if you buy the first book! ;)

Yes, there will be a second book, entitled "Kiss of Life".

Take care,

Anonymous said...

OMG OMG OMG !!!!!!!! i luv ur book !!! it's so awesome . i bought ur book && couldn't wait 2 read it . so i read the first couple lines and wuz hook ! i hope u write more about Phoebe and Tommy and Adam !!!!
i heart ur book!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I bought your book the other day. I was so excited! All I had to do was read a couple of pages and I was hooked. It only took me 2 days to read it; that's how wonderful it was. I can't wait for more from you!

Daniel Waters said...

Hi Elayna and Lillian!

Thank you, for your time and your posts! I appreciate your kind words!

Daniel Waters said...

PHoebe Q--

Read the last few pages again--you will see that I already did.

Take care,

Anonymous said...

Hello Danny,

How old are you? Because I'm 14 and yes I do have a job, family, friends and school to keep up with, but I read "Generation Dead" at least fifteen times ... I know that my post probably seemed incoherant, but, hear me out all of my friends have read this book and we have the title as goth / emo ect, and still STILL there is no way that anything like this should make me SO bloody angry! Your reply made me feel as though I were incomprehensive to the situation. But factually I understand more then most. I am NOT illeterate, I have a learning disability so no comments on my spelling please. I loved the book, honestly I did. I don't know why I feel a sudden rage. And my name is spelled with one capital P ... So for now, I'll go with my middle name Kyla Marie :}

-if i could hold you in my arms, and you looked into my eyes, and i wasnt really me... would you, could you... still love me? Stonne and Kyla Marie-

Chirp-fest '08 :)

Daniel Waters said...

Hi Kyla Marie,

I'm sorry--I really didn't mean to make you feel that way. I honestly thought you might have missed an important (but quick) detail and I thought if I pointed it out you wouldn't be angry at the book. You did sound pretty angry in your post (which I didn't include on the site only because it gave away the ending of the book).

Anyhow, my fault, and I'm sorry. Forgive me?

15 times? Wow.

Take care,

P.S. I'm kind of old

Anonymous said...

Haha, I'm so sorry Dan :) I get impatient sometimes! And yes, fifteen times, your book is muy bueno! I'm an aspiring writer, but I'm still stuck at McDonald's ;) and all of my stories aren't as good on paper as they are in my head... I just decided to take some left over anger out on some unknown person to me. Ahaha, ¡muy
[very sorry].


The only thing that gets old, are items. People become wiser and should share their knowledge.

"If Music Be The Food Of Love... Play On!"
The Twelfth Night; Act 1, Scene 1.

Add some Shakespear quotes to your next book :) It would be totally fantastical :D:D

Much Love as Possible >>-( \/ )-->

Kyla Marie Q.

Anonymous said...

Are you going to do a sequel? I loved the book, but I think you left it hanging...

Anonymous said...

Hey Daniel!
I just finished reading your book today. I thought it was fantastic! The very first line of the book is what got me to buy it at Barnes and Noble. But I was just curious, are you thinking of writing a sequel to the novel? I would be ecstatic if you are.

Anonymous said...

Hey I am doing a book report on Generation Dead due 11/14/08. I am almost done I just cannot find the setting. I LOVE Generation Dead by the way. It is excellent!

Unknown said...

In English like two weeks ago, I had to write an essay on two books that appealed to me strongly. So, I wrote about GD and Twilight!!

I compared the two, and told why I loved them both.
Now, my teacher is hooked on the book and I got an 'A' on the essay!!

Great Book!