Saturday, May 31, 2008

Moon-washed College Halls


I discovered this one soon after I went to college, and Fish's lyrics, although obscure at times, were very attractive to me as a wannabe writer. The album's conceptual themes of losing one's innocence and saying goodbye to one's childhood (and later reconciling with one's childhood) also resonated with me in being away from home for the first time. Throughout high school I listed mainly to metal, punk, and post-punk (and a few of the "classic" rock bands like the Beatles and Pink Floyd, but once at college I broadened my horizons in all directions, one of which was progressive music. I picked this up because Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden said Marillion was his favorite band. Kim wasn't really into Celtic Frost, Slayer or the Dead Kennedys, so Marillion, like Floyd, became something we could listen to while hanging out and studying. Most high school music memories are of times with friends or by myself, most college music memories are of Kim.

"Kayleigh" is a very sad but beautiful song about a breakup, and it was a favorite of ours throughout our time together at school, so much so that we knew what we'd name our daughter when she was born some years later.
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