Monday, July 12, 2021


 This is one of my favorite photos that I've ever taken. I don't really know why it should have such an emotional impact on me but I feel if I stare at it long enough all will be revealed.

The photo was taken on my cell phone, and is uncropped, unedited, and unfiltered, right through my car windshield in the rain.  I'd gone out to take some post-thunderstorm photos of an abandoned theater a couple miles from my house, hoping to get a neon electric sky behind the theater. Those photos came out okay, with some nice yellows, but not the vibrant purples and pinks I'd been hoping for like in this photo I took a few weeks ago in Savannah:

Two people in my family are talented photographers, one active, the other let their talent fade, which might be one of the great (reversible?) tragedies of their life. I don't have their eye or skill but every so often I catch something that stirs my spirit.


katiee said...
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katiee said...

third time making a comment now cause it keeps deleting them when i hit post? this time imma save my text lmao
hia just got the book Generation Dead, read it in middle school to highschool
just recently i think i saw a TV show that reminded me of the premise of ur book
i decided that i wanted to reread it cause my middle school mind is way different than my adult one so i wonder if ill see things differently

the picture u posted looks like a painting 😊 n i thought it would be a super cool abstract painting. if u do paint, oil paint would be perfect for this 👌🏿

i hope ur doin good 😊 world is a bit crazy, n we need a lot more people who ask if their neighbors are okay n actually mean asking it

if u want my opinion(probably not lol) about the book when im done maybe ill make another comment
have a good one!!

Anonymous said...

Reading the 4th generation dead book.. I know if you planned on releasing the 5th you’ve probably would have done it by now, but I figured I’d ask about it anyway. I got sent away as a kid after reading the first book, and when I came back I wasn’t the same person anymore and lost the love of reading. I’ve finally gained it back 15 years later and was overjoyed to see my favorite book have sequels. Broken hearted when I realized the story never got finished. Even though I know I’m just one person. I feel like it’s my fault bc I wasn’t around to tell all my friends about this great series.

Dan said...

Not your fault! I’m glad you rediscovered your love of reading, one of the most faithful and rewarding loves one could have. There will definitely be more books in the series. I appreciate your patience.