Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Borderlands 6

This non-themed anthology of horror features never-before-published works by: M. Louis Dixon, John McIlveen, Jack Ketchum, Rebecca J. Allred, Dan Waters, Michael Bailey, John Boden, Trent Zelazny & Brian Knight, Bob Pastorella, Peter Salomon, Carol Pierson Holding, Steve Rasnic Tem, Darren O. Godfrey, David Annandale, Anya Martin, G. Daniel Gunn & Paul Tremblay, Gordon White, Sean M. Davis, Tim Waggoner, Bradley Michael Zerbe, and Gary A. Braunbeck. Also included, one amazing previously published novelette by David Morrell.

I've a story in the newly released Borderlands 6 anthology alongside the work of some of the heroes & legends of modern horror fiction. Is it a Generation Dead story? Well, there are dead people. And most of the action takes place in the mysterious depths of  Oxoboxo Lake (yes, in the Oxoboxo!). And although I don't mention him in the story at all, Takayuki is watching George gnaw on a deceased opossum just off-camera on page two .Note: this last "fact" is fiction, and as anyone knows a fiction told about fiction de facto becomes fact.

You may have a difficult time finding my story because it is very short and because I used my super secret, non-YA, adult pseudonym: Dan Waters.  Shhh! Don't tell anyone!

Some other clues to help you locate the story: it is called "Sinkers", and it begins on page 41. You won't be able to locate "Sinkers" in Generation Dead Book 4: My Best Friends Are Dead, out from OMZ Press later this summer.

The roster of authors is stellar, as are the stories they've created.  I'm thrilled to be in such company.


Anonymous said...

Can I ask when you received your acceptance letter? I'm a no-name writer who submitted to this anthology back in 2004, got a note that I was on the short list for acceptance, and then lived through twelve years of life without any other contact from this anthology. Until now, I guess, when I just learned it's actually coming out. Don't get me wrong. I never actually expected to be accepted, but I still feel kind of weird reading about its existence now, in a time-warpy sort of way. Thanks.

Daniel Waters said...

A few years ago, I think. I know that at one point the editor experienced a traumatic computer crash and so you may have been a victim of that. All manner of setbacks happen in publishing; try not to take things personally if you can. The competition for space in anthologies like Borderlands is fierce, so you should feel proud at the short-list acceptance even if things didn't pan out.

Checking in on a short story acceptance with an occassional email is appropriate.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for responding, and congratulations on on your own writing. Honestly, I wouldn't even want to look at the story I submitted to them. It was written back in what now seems like the early days of the Internet, about a character using his new-fangled computer, and would probably be terribly dated by now. And like I said, there were zero expectations, just a vague possibility way way in the background, but in a strange way it feels like an old chapter of my life is now over. Thanks again.