Thursday, September 6, 2012

Break My Heart 1000 Times Movie News--I Am Not Daniel Waters

Directors are onboard!  I know what movie I'm going to see this weekend!

Gold Circle Films has hired Brian Klugman and Lee Sternthal, directors of The Words, which opens this week, to direct BMH1kx from the fantastic script that Jason Fuchs wrote!

Read the article from The Hollywood Reporter HERE

There are also similar articles HERE and HERE and also HERE.  A couple dozen articles appeared on the internet since the announcement yesterday, and I read as many as I could find because a). I am a raving egomaniac and b). because I thought it would be fun to find out how long it would take before an article mistakenly identified me as the Daniel Waters of Heathers fame (answer: within 12 hours of the announcement).  I'm a great fan of the man's work, and I love that we both have brothers named Mark, but I am not Daniel Waters!  A few of the many articles botch other similarly minor details like the synopsis, characters, etc., but, That's Entertainment!

I wanted to link to the very nice Kirkus  review for BMH1kx, but that won't post until two weeks before the release date of OCTOBER 16.  And speaking of October, Matthew Dow Smith's brilliant second issue of OCTOBER GIRL is available at Comixology, for less than a dime a page.  You can't go wrong.

Also, here is a very nice review of the book from The Scribbler in the Rye HERE. I love having a review on a site which also is a Salinger reference.  Like Phoebe.

(I covered the not-being-Dan Waters thing HERE, on my very first blog post.  In 2007!  Time, time, time, see what's become of me.

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