Monday, June 18, 2012

Generation Dead Optioned for Television

I'm happy to report that the paperwork is done and that the Generation Dead series has been optioned for television. Apparently there is some other zombie-related show on tv now that is sort of popular or something--so I'm certain there is a huge audience that will accept Phoebe and her undead pals into their homes on a regular basis. You would, wouldn't you? Let's play casting director! Who would you have as Phoebe if you called the shots? As Adam? Karen? Tommy? As that kid who threw a corn cob at Tommy? Who does that? January Jones would be excellent as Angela Hunter; I wonder if she's busy?


courtney lozen said...

Omg! This is the best news I've heard this month!

JoAnne said...

Really great news Dan!

LucĂ­a Arca said...

Congrats. I´m so excited, cause I love it. Hugs

Unknown said...

So exciting! Congratulations hope it's has you envisioned.

Quinn said...

Congrats! This is lovely and exciting news. Thank you for keeping us updated.

Anonymous said...

Nina Dobrev as Phoebe or Karen but I don't know how she would look as a blonde so maybe stick with Phoebe and Ashley Benson as Karen. Ian somerhalder as Pete cuz he is so good at playing the bad guy. Alex Pettyfer as Adam or channing tatum :) or josh hutcherson as Adam and David henrie or josh hutcherson as tommy lol.

Anonymous said...

I can even tell you how happy I am to learn that you decided on television instead of movies. I hope it becomes the new vampire diaries in terms of popularity. Best of luck!

Stefi said...

I totally pictured Karen as Blake Lively from the beginning, but she's busy with Gossip Girl.

Unknown said...

It's about time!

Unknown said...

Tommy - Logan Lerman
Pheobe - Emily Browning (Or me. I'd be totes cool with that, haha. )
Margi - Miranda Cosgrove
Collete - Allison Harvard (Or Karen?)
Karen - Kim Petras or Alyson Milchalka
Adam - Tom Felton
Obnoxious kid whose name I forget, but hates the undead because of that chick: Robbie Amell

Anonymous said...

That sOunds amazing!! Good luck!!

Well the characters (and accuracy I suppose) are key when turning a book series into a tv series/movie
For pheobe, I honestly couldn't think of anybody, but as one of the most important characters, you have to be careful in choosing her. Maybe this is just my head here, but here is how I imagine her: she is a goth/emo chick, yet she doesn't have to look scary. She wears black, yes, but she is a knock out. She has a narrow face, green eyes.. She is pale but has rosy cheeks. When I talk to people who imagine phoebe they would typically imagine a girl with a fat face, wears black lipstick(and ik that is part of the whole goth thing but I just don't see it). She is stunning, I mean, How else could she have gotten Adams attention?

Anyways sorry that is phoebe.... For the Other characters, I thought of this:

TC- Brant Daugherty
Colette- vanessa marano
Adam or Tommy- Matt lanter (I'm not too sure about this guy but hey, that's the best I could come up with)
Karen- diana agron, Carlie Casey, megan park

And lastly, I was wondering if you were ever coming out with a fourth book? I didn't think you were but i was just wondering if you could confirm that?

Thanks, and sorry that's so long ^^ love your work
Sincerely, Laurel