Thursday, November 3, 2011

New Bookstore Alert

You may not know this, but I worked for the Borders corporation for a number of years. So when they closed the doors forever a few weeks ago, my reaction was melancholy mixed with I told you so. But they were mostly happy years slangin' books, and less bookstores in the world can never be a good thing, whatever my personal feelings about my previous employer (”That's for employing me for twelve years!", Homer says as he flips a Molotov cocktail over his shoulder, firebombing the bridge to the power plant as he rides his golf cart into the parking lot the future.


News like THIS makes me very happy. New bookstores rising up from the ashes of the old, very thrilling. If you live within a hundred miles of The Book Frog, please go there and buy some books. Or frogs. Or books about frogs.

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