Sunday, May 1, 2011

May is Margi Month

Many thanks to Kirsten H., who sent in this lovely artwork of Margi, who wraps up a story on mysocalledundeath. I think it really captures her special spark!


Anonymous said...

What a pretty drawing!!! It really looks like how I pictured Margi...But isn't she supposed to have "big knockers"? Lol...Her nickname from TC or Pete - I forget which - was Pinky McKnockers!

But it still really looks like Margi :)

Quinn said...

I agree :-p But she does have the perfect "Sass" and personality to her. Great drawing!

peacemeganx3 said...

I have always pictured Margi like that.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful!! Its really a great drawing!! No lie! True (life)

HAHA see my little joke there lol :)