Wednesday, April 6, 2011

GenDead Around the World

I am informed by members of the European and South American branches of the After Party that this will be out on April 7:

If you find yourself in a Spanish speaking country, by all means go to the local bookstore and buy two or three copies, just to be safe.


Anonymous said...

Completely off topic of your latest post, but today I had a type of "lightbulb moment." I realized, that in order for me to REALLY love a teen book, it has to do three things: have a secondary character who is the best friend of the (girl) main character, have the best friend secretely in love with the main, and have someone that is the real love interest of this lucky, lucky main girl. And yes, this is the typical love triangle in every teen romance novel, but the one thing the book has to do is make me hate this main character.

Now, you're probably thinking that I'm incredibly rude to come on here and say that I hate Phoebe, however, I say it with the highest compliments, because, I only hate her out of jealousy because Adam (who's my personal favourite) and Tommy are in love with her! You've truly gotten me to fall in love with these characters. Lol, not a crazy I assure you, but your stories truly convinced me of Adam's loyalty to Phoebe, and my friends and I often have debates over Adam or Tommy, whether Phoebe is really worthy of their affection, etc...A sign that we loved the books!

I also thouroughly enjoyed the last book in the Gen Dead series, and loved Karen's side of things...She's one main I couldn't hate, because there wasn't really any self pity or other teenage drama going on with her narration...

Well, I'm finished my long ramblings...Just thought I'd share my appreciation and hopes for another book ;)


usra said...

Anonymous, ur not alone im in luv with tommy tho not adam....i am pretty psycho zombie obsessed ever since i read the books tho i always go omz at schoo l ppl r like wat... oh well i enjoy being a dork :)

number 1 zombie fan! said...

wud any1 believe that this series is the best in the entire universe! i actually enjoyed it! the only other series that came even a little bit close to it is house of night but i HATE all the characters in house of nightits actually a pretty sucky book.. anyway enuf about the negative! i read this like 2 yrs ago and i am STILL obsessed with it i luv tommy soooo much n i luv myso called undeath i go on pretty much evry minute to either read old post or see if there r new ones reely nothing can compare to this book!!! not evn chicolate and thats sayng sumthing! it actually inspired me to form the zombie predudice awareness club but the stupid schol changed it to sum mandatory boring club about racism…wich is partailly my fault cuz i convinced them to make the club cuz it was about stopping racism
oh well we still talk about zombies when the supervisor leeves im a dork i no and im proud
oh no this was totally random and off topic judge me if u want i dnt care :)

Anonymous said...

Haha Anonymous back, and I agree with both of you!! Haha, I have all three books in my locker because I made my friend read them...she didn't appreciate them quiiiiite as much as I did :p