Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

People have sent me numerous emails this year telling me that they are going out with Generation Dead themed costumes (yay!). Supposedly, there will be hordes of Karens,Phoebes,Taks, and even one Mal out there on the streets getting treats.

Sometimes people will provide the evidence, like S. did here with her awesome Margi costume:

Other times people will send me evidence of their zombification, as BlueMonkie here did:

Have a safe and happy Halloween! White vans don't have candy!


River said...

PLEASE PLEASE TELL SOMEONE TO MAKE YOUR BOOKS AVAILABLE FOR KINDLE!!!!! agent, publisher send amazon threating e-mails!

jasmine robson said...

i'm dressing up as phoebe for our school's 'wolrd book day'
which i kinda easy i normally dress like that.

Rosecitychild13 said...

Haha I like the "White vans don't have candy" comment. Did you have a good Halloween? What have you been up to lately? I really miss Generation Dead, but hope things are going well with you!