Friday, September 10, 2010

Wherin I Enter the Digital Age and Give Away a Signed Passing Strange

I finally, finally got a Kindle. Love it. Whoever guesses the very first book I downloaded will recieve a signed copy of Passing Strange.

Hint: befriend me on Facebook so you can see all the wrong guesses there--improve your odds of winning!

Hint #2: My books are only available in the U.K. on Kindle


missmuffcake said...

I tried finding you on FB - could not.

Did you down load one of your own books?

Watching said...

:O Ah! Digital book reader! I wonder what the difference is to sister has the book nook from b&n :D she likes it a lot though >.> I'm secretly a little bit jealous.

Ah I'm simply terrible at guessing games >.< but I say Infinite Jest, but I don't have a facebook TT.TT I can't even see the previous guesses!

Ah that's a rip off D: only in the U.K.!!??

Monique said...

Generation Dead!

Anonymous said...

Complete work of edgar allan poe?

or The Elfish Gene by Mark Barrowcliffe