Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Passing Strange Trailer Contest!!!!!

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Here's your chance to direct your own mini-movie!

GL and Hyperion Teen are looking for you to showcase all of the exciting drama of the new book Passing Strange by creating your own video trailer.

Give readers a taste of the conflicts and drama awaiting Karen in the book, and all of the inevitable complications for this not-so-typical high schooler. The top video selected by Girls’ Life and Hyperion Teen will premiere exclusively on! Plus, the lucky leading lady will score a makeover from a MAC artist!


Do you ever wake up and just feel like a zombie? Uh, yea—everyone's had one of those days (or try several)! The winner of the Passing Strange Video Trailer contest will score a makeover fit for a starlet. She'll get her makeup done by a professional MAC artist and will pick up up to $200 worth of MAC product. The best part? Your video will be featured on in a video poll. Now a prize like that is sure to zap a zombie back to life.


In Passing Strange (out now wherever books are sold), all-American teenager Karen DeSonne faces more than the usual high school drama—she happens to be dead. Her troubles only multiply as she finds herself caught up in a high-profile scandal— new anti-zombie regulations that have forced nearly all of Oakvale’s undead into hiding.

Obtaining enough evidence to expose this sinister plot means doing the unthinkable for Karen: Betraying her true love and becoming the girlfriend of the one guy she truly cannot stand—Pete Martinsburg. Karen’s only hope is that the enemy never realizes who she really is—because the consequences would be even worse than death.


What is a book trailer?

Videos are the newest way to promote the hottest reads. Called book trailers, they are similar to movie trailers, in that they are designed to build interest in an upcoming or current novel and are used to encourage people to buy the book the trailer is about.

What’s the difference? A movie trailer already has visual images to work with—clips from the film. With a book trailer, the maker (that’s you!) has to convert the written words into a fun visual.

How to create a great book trailer:

The trick is to convey a sense of what the book is about without giving away any juicy deets away.

Most book trailers run from one to two minutes and can be anything from someone reading a passage from the book to an elaborate mini-movie.

Here are some links to book trailer examples we like:
Generation Dead trailer by the author
Generation Dead trailer by a fan
Another Generation Dead trailer by a fan

Here’s how to make yours, step by step
1. Get your BFFs together or go solo.
2. Learn it! CLICK HERE to download the script for the Passing Strange trailer.
3. Decide how you want to put your trailer together.
4. Video your best one to two minute book trailer by following the script You can use the video cam on your cell phone, digital camera, camcorder or computer.
5. E-mail the file (10M or smaller, please) to or upload to


We’ll announce the winner on 8/1/10 by featuring the trailer on every page of our site! So put on your director’s hat, get in the zombie mindset and good luck.


Xènia said...

Hi Daniel,
I'm Xenia (Hayley in the blog) and I am one of managers as Fantaseandolibros (
I wanted to ask when sale out "Kiss of life" in Spain.
Could it be possible for me to answer my e-mail?
Is this:

Trank you!

Anonymous said...

Dear Daniel Waters
I have read both Generation Dead and Kiss Of Life and I loved both of them and I was just wondering are you working on writing or are you going to write a third book in this series? I would love it if you did and I am glad that in Kiss Of Life you had Phobe and Adam become a couple.

Watching said...

Ah this is so exciting ^o^ I'll be happy to see them...except I have to confess that I have a complete an utter lack of talent when it comes to making videos TT.TT so I won't be entering D: even though I could use the makeover :P

Anonymous said...

I just finished passing strange and it was GREAT!! you did a wonderful job as usual!! But i was wondering, is it going to be the last book? Because it summed up most of the stuff, but it left a few things out, which might hint another novel in the making. Or am I just being optimistic? Anyway, I love LOVE LOVE Generation dead!!!