Saturday, May 22, 2010


I’ll be speaking this Sunday at the Hartford Public Library during the Letters about Literature, which is open to the public. I was one of the judges this year and I had the privilege of reading some fantastic letters. Bring your zombie or trad friends and I’ll sign yer books. Not the libraries’ books, though, because you aren’t supposed to write in those.

In other thrilling news, the paperback of Kiss of Life is due to come out on May 25. Make certain that you buy a case or two, because you can never have enough Kisses. Buy one for everyone on your Facebook friend list, and post this message: “Hey…I got a special Kiss, just for you!”. They will no doubt think that you are very considerate and cool. Or possibly creepy and strange, if they are only your Facebook friend because their uncle’s niece’s cousin’s bffl likes Glee and you like Glee too. Or you met because of Farmville. Either way, I’ll sell more books and I really appreciate your business.

PS: PS will be out June 1. Pick up a case or two of those, too.


Val said...

Looking forward to Passing Strange on Tuesday! : ) I actually wrote a blog entry about the mistreatment of zombies earlier today.

Can't wait to read the book!

Anonymous said...

So, I finished Passing Strange yesterday after picking it up on Friday, and it was awesome. I loved it, and the ending was wonderful. There's so much that hasn't been dealt with yet, though; I want to know what happens next! :P

Daniel Waters said...

Hi Val!

Exceptional blog. Nicely done.

Take care,

Hi Adalia3x0h!

Thanks fer yer business! I kind of want to know what happens next, too.

Take care,

mel said...

i read passing strange the other day and it was AMAZING! i really hope that there is going to be another book and soon!

Anonymous said...

Is there going to be a fourth book?

Anonymous said...

I just finished reading Passing Strange a few minutes ago. It freaking rocks. I love it!!!!!!!!!!! Please tell me there's more to come. Will there be a book 4? 5? 1394483737.423432-ish?

Watching said...

Oh yay, yayayayayayayayayayayay! :O everyone is saying how amazing it is, and right now I secretly want to stop commenting at the moment and read it :O.

That is so cute and a good idea though :O (about the kisses) or when Passing Strange comes out in paperback, I can get them a whole set calling it A generation of strange kisses *o*

Anonymous said...

I wish you never will stop and be creative - forever!