Sunday, December 13, 2009

Interactivity and Live Chat

I'll be doing a online live chat-y type thing over at the Haunted House this Thursday at 8:00 EST. The wonderful and talented Raschel will be moderating, so be sure and log on and ask me all sorts of potentially embarrassing questions. Not too many people know where the Haunted House is, but you can get directions HERE.

Also, my super-talented friend from Wales, who goes by many aliases but I know her as Yazzie, is looking for volunteers that she can zombify for a Generation Dead photo project she is doing. You can contact Yazzie directly to be zombified at neko-kyuuketsuki at Yazzie did my author zombification!

Other cool things abounding on the Internet:

An interview with me as conducted by writer and editor Alethea Kontis, HERE. Alethea also has a beautiful new website and you can check it out at

I read a lot. Such activity is encouraged at one of my favorite book blogs, The Book Smugglers. They invited me to partake in the feast of Smugglivus to discuss some of my favorite books of the past year and I did. You can check it out HERE. Next up, the Airing of Grievances!


Yazzeh said...

Aw Dan I am flattered! ^^

Watching said...

I'm going to go check out all those links, and I'll definitely visit the haunted house when you're doing the interview...hopefully I'll be able to figure out the time difference.

Raschel_[Reads it.] said...

Thanks Dan! I'm super excited for this thursday, I'll probably re-post all the questions and answers on my blog after we're all done. Can't wait to see you on the chat!