Thursday, November 26, 2009

Still More Pretty Pictures!

This one is yet another from Evilwarlordgu, the incredible artist whose "Wall of the Dead" art was posted here a few weeks ago. This was the envelope--the envelope!--that Evilwarlordgu sent the original of that piece and a few others. I now have the originals framed and in my office.

The envelope! Incredible!

Thank you, Evilwarlordgu!

PS--speaking of PS, I'll be posting the cover of PS, or Passing Strange, this weekend plus some other stuff! Stay tuned!


go with happiness said...

That is awesome! And YAY for you posting the PS cover this weekend! I'm excited :)

JD said...

AWESOME! cant wait. PS!!!!!!!!

Kelly said...

omg!!!! i cant wait to see the cover!! im soo excited!!!

Watching said...

Wow that's amazing! At first when I was looking at the picture vefore I read the post, I was like "Oh cool I wonder what that was drawn on..." and then you're like the Envelope!! :O
so cool!

EvilGu said...

yay! It got there safely!
And I love the cover of PS! I assume it's a before/after Karen? or do they find a way to "bring her back to life?" I'm so, so excited to read it now! yay!

EvilGu said...

Also, I had a weird moment at the post office where I wondered, "Will they let this by?"
It said "Some of my best friends are DEAD" right on the envelope, and I was somewhat worried they'd find that...suspicious and open the thing.
>.< It made sense in the context of the books, but to a post office employee it probably was just creepy, huh?

Quinn said...

Gu, that art was wicked. I love the envelope most of all, actually. lol I'm sure it was, but maybe that was half of the fun of it.

Btw, this is MaliceInWonderland. I got a new google account so it'll be Quinn from now on.

Daniel Waters said...

Hi Danielle!


Take care,

Hi JD!


Take care,

Hi shy yet talkative girl!

Me, neither!

Take care,

Hi Watching!

Yes indeed!

take care,

Hi EvilGu!

I'll never tell!
Well, someday I'll tell. But I like to hear people's theories, too.

Oh and I guess the post office people didn't have a problem at all!

Take care,

Hi Quinn!

I *thought* you looked familiar!

Take care,