Saturday, August 1, 2009

Frequently Asked Questions

I'd like to address a few frequently asked questions, not because I don't want your emails, but because I'm sure you get tired of waiting around for me to answer them!

1. Will there be a third book in the Generation Dead series?

Yes! There will be a third book in the Generation Dead series (and a fourth and a fifth, if I have my way). The third book will be called Passing Strange. I'm working hard on it as we speak to try and get it in shape for a May release, and as usual I'm making things far harder on myself than usual. But I love the story and I hope you will, too. I don't like to show my cards early, but I will tell you that a different character takes center stage for this one...

My lovely and talented editor told me they did the cover shoot last week!

2. I think Generation Dead would make an awesome movie. Why don't you make a movie of it?

First, I totally agree that Generation Dead would make an awesome movie. But that piece of things is out of my hands. I just write the books; I don't make movies, audios, downloadable editions, dramatic stagings, or merchandise. The film rights to both books are still available, so if any of you have deep Hollywood connections, make sure you let them know and get that ball rolling. And for those of you who have sent me pictures requesting a part as Phoebe, Karen or Margi, I promise I will email you as soon as I hear about casting calls. Good luck!

3. Will you be doing any signings in(my town)?

No, unless you live in Memphis, Nashville, Austin, San Jose, or visit the Calvert Library here in CT! Yes, Disney-Hyperion is kind enough to be sending me on a Fall book tour, where I'll be in Nashville at the Southern Festival of Books, The Austin Teen Book Festival, and the World Fantasy Convention! And something TBD in Memphis, I'll keep you posted. How sweet is that? I'll have a busy, busy October and hopefully will be meeting many of you.

4. Is your Facebook Avatar really you?

No, it is actually a customized action figure. But the resemblance is striking!

5. Were you a goth in high school? I can't say I was straight up goth, although one of my favorite albums at the time was the Damned's Phantasmagoria, which is cited by many as being one of the main albums that started the movement. I had all the rare Bauhaus singles, too.

But I think instead that I was an almost perfect blend of the five personality types from The Breakfast Club. Well, I was more Basket Case than Princess, and more brain than jock, and not much of a criminal although I did sport fingerless gloves and a trenchcoat and listened to Slayer. Maybe it was more 30%, 10%, 25%, 20%, 25%. Although I really didn't do anything princess-y, except I was a little spoiled.

Ah, heck with it. I was a goth.


sandi said...

I'm right between Nashville & Memphis! Maybe I'll be able to get to one of them :)

The Sweet Bonjour said...

Hiya! I've just purchased Kiss of Life. It looks very awesomness :)

missmuffcake said...

After reading the first book, I thought movie...however the series is to precious to mess with. I am happy with the images in my head.

Yesterday I was walking into Star Bucks with my boyfriend who was posting fliers for his up coming movie and a young girl and her father walked out. I noticed she had a copy of GD and I stopped her to say that was an excel;lent choice and to pick up the other book. I am glad there will be a #3!

Anonymous said...

You seriously made like the rest of my week!!!
Ahhh, i am goin crazy, now knowing that a third book is coming, amd that there could possibly a fourth and fifth. i love phoebe, i love tommy, i loveeveryone in the book, aha i love you for making the books! I do a lot of reading, and you just put the icing on the cake for goth-ish fantasy type books that i read. I am so finding a way to get to Memphis or something, because it would be so cool to meet you,(: I wish you could come to somewhere near Chicago, or even better Highland, Indiana(my hometown). You have become one of my idols in writing and your an inspiration for me when i write. Thanks for creating such an amazing series.


Anonymous said...

lol. be proud of gothicity!(Made up word) Haha. :D xxx

Jennifer said...

i would ask where "Calvert Library" is but it's probably a millions od miles away from trumbull.

O! im heading to UCONN at the end of the month :D Lol i dont know why i'm telling you this, i guess i just like telling people xD

Olivia said...

I'm soooo excited for the new coming books! you're awesome.

Ellen said...

Seems like you are 110% man..........and 10% yeti.

MaliceInWonderland said...

Wonderful Q&A. ^_^ I appreciate your response to the goth question in particular. It made me smile.

MaliceInWonderland said...
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fayemouslovesyew said...

1. Thank God! I nearly died at the end of Kiss of Life. Thankkkkk Godddd.

2. And good luck getting a movie. I would see it everyday.

3. :( Come to D.C. or Annapolis or Baltimore!! Pleassssse!

4. I've never seen it. Haha.

5. Labels suck. I'm labeled as goth and emo a lot. It's annoying.

Anonymous said...

Danniel honey.! Your book killed my life. I feel like one of those "living impaired" people. I am currently eating ice cream and cookies because your book killed me on the inside. I think that you need to get a FISH and find some love and compassion in ur world b/c u r making people "emotionally impaired.!!!!!!!"

Anonymous said...

OMIGOSHH!!! you HAVE TO MAKE ALL THE BOOKS! im so desperate for more its not even funny! lol they are soooo good! and so catching! my friends make fun of me for not liking books but i love the generation dead series!!!! its amazing i read both GD's in a week! YOUR AMAZING!

Daniel Waters said...

Hi Sandi!

That would be wicked cool! Hope to see you again somewhere!

Take care,

Hi Sasha!

Thanks for your business!

Take care,

Hi missmuffcake!

Thank you for upselling!

Take care,

Hi Britnii Elsie Reyes!

Why, thanks! I'm sorry I missed you in Chicago (I was there a few months ago at stores and schools). But I'm glad to hear that my writing inspires your writing! And thus, the circle of life spins ever on...

Take care,

Hi Anonymous!

Maybe we can found Goth City and practice gothicity? I dunno...

Take care,

Hi Jennifer!

I think Calvert Library is in Franklin...

UConn is a fine institution! Thanks for letting us know!

Take care,

Hi Olivia!

I think you're awesome, too.

Take care,

Hi Ellen!

I'm more myth than man.

But thanks for catching my math error!

Take care,

Hi MaliceInWaonderland!

Thanks! I'll probably do another FAQ, once I get some more FAQs!

Take care,

Hi Hang Yourself From Stolen Dreams &it3!

I will definitely be in DC at some point.

Labels do suck. But they usually wash off with water and a little soap.

Take care,

Hi anonymous!

I'm, er, sorry I killed your life. But I'll see about the fish and compassion. In fact, that might be the title of the fourth GD book. "Fish and Compassion". What do you think?

Take care,

Hi the gabestar12!

Why, thank you! And tell your friends they better not make foun of you or I'll zombify them in my next book!

Take care,

Anna said...

YAY! A three-quel is coming. I'm excited. =)

Oh, a movie would be amazing. As a potential film student, I can imagine it...Too bad I don't have that Sims screenplay around here anymore, haha JK. Hope Hollywood can make it as fun to watch as it was to read, if that happens at all. An indie movie would be even cooler.

So, book tour stop in Nashville or Memphis. Sweetness. By then I'll only be one state away. If I can find another GD fan with a car ...road trip! Yep. Definitely gotta bring my books along to college, create a couple new fanchildren and come down to Tennessee =D

Anonymous said...

Hi, I just finish to read your first book and I just wanting to say that I loved it ! I can't wait to buy the kiss of life.
A french reader

Anonymous said...

omigosh!!! A MOVIE WOULD BE SOOOO GOOD!!!! the book is ah-mazing!! and the movie would never live up to your words!!

You should come to florida! its sunny and ah-mazing! especially tampa florida! we have bush gardens!! you have changed my life with this book! and i TOTALY HAVE TO MEET YOU! i have to!

i hope its not offencive relating your book to twilight... BUT YOURS SOOO MUCH BETTER!!! i just didnt like twilight but you! YOU ARE SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO AWSOME!!! if these books havnt gotten any awards i give both books as many awards possible!!!!!! I LOVE YOUR BOOK! SOOOO MUCH! its super duper amazing!!! lol! im about to die knowing that theres a possibility of all those extra books!!! OMIGOSH!!! i was so scared after the 1st one ended! im in love with adam! omigod! he's amazinggggg!!! Im so jealous of all the characters because they get to be in your book!!!

i already miss reading the books! i read both of them 4 times! i was on a trip to california and i refused to get out of the car sometimes because i was sooo catched in your book!! and i am currently forcing my friends to read it... well not really forcing but they are reading it! and THEY LOVE IT TOO!


Lyn said...

I am very glad to hear that there will be a third book. The moment Kiss of Life arrived to Barnes and Noble I purchased it. As for Generation Dead I bought a long while ago.
Secretly I hope a movie will be made, it would be really nice to see.

Lyn said...

I hope you come to Minnesota.

Rachael said...

Someone else takes center stage, hm? Would that be Tommy? Pretty please. I'll even give you a cupcake with a cherry on top.

amy said...

i love generation dead. its like one of the best books i have read serisoully. right now i'm lookin 3 generation dead kiss of life. cant wait 2 read it! :)

Anonymous said...

yay! FAQ! i want generation dead to be a movie!! and im so excited for the 3rd book!

xXBrunkyXx said...

I am so excited for the 3rd book! I finished reading the second and I was thinking 'This can not be the end.' I also got all of my friends hooked on the books too...and they called me weird for reading them haha. :) But seriously, can not wait for the third!

iLoveThatArchuletaBoy said...

Thank you so much for saying you were going to write more books. I was literally going to die (ha) if the second book was the end. I almost started crying when I read it. I absolutely love these books and I recommend them to my friends all the time. I am hooked... And I would think this would make a good movie type thing, even though it would be altered, it would be better than most movies in theaters (considering they all are screaming and blood for 2 hours straight).