Monday, October 13, 2008

Morally Questionable Advice of the Day

Love was the prime mover of their struggle

From "Ten Things To Avoid A Market Meltdown", an article on the AOL Money and Finance page

Investing Tip No. 6
Buy shares that sell products to addicts. Liquor and cigarettes do well in almost all economies. Many of the customers these companies have can't stop consuming even if the economy is bad. First on that list would be tobacco giant Altria (MO). The firm also has a 6.6% yield and tremendous earnings and cash flow. Brown-Foreman makes hard booze and wine. Diageo (DEO) is probably the most diversified booze company in the world.

Yes, by all means take advantage of the most serious economic downturn in nearly a hundred years by exploiting addicts. In addition to the tidy profit you may make now, you can have the added challenge in a few years of figuring out how to account for the increased demands on our health care "system" as these addicts you have helped to exploit look forward to various cancers, diseases, and rehab. Or just follow handy investing tip #4, which encourages investing in pharmaceutical companies, because they "will keep selling drugs to sick people." See? It all works out! More addicts=more sick people=better investing! Whether you go for McCain's health care plan or Obama's, one thing is clear--we'll have increasing numbers of sick people to test the plans out on!

Investing Tip No. 7
The world is still full of warmongers. Shares in defense companies will be okay. Whether it is the US in Iraq, Russia in Georgia, or rebels trying to overthrow the Nigerian government, weapons sell. Northrop Grumman (NOC) is the leader among this group which also includes General Dynamics (GD), and Lockheed Martin (LMT). War will always be with us and certain American companies mean to profit from that.

Yes, folks, war will always be with us, so why not get in on the action and make a little cake while we're at it! The world is full of warmongers, and if you can't beat 'em. join 'em! American companies mean to profit from war, so don't be a love-beaded sap, get in on that! Turn bullets into bling!

Maybe we should think about this a minute. Actually, maybe we should think about this a lot.

Where is our moral compass pointing?


Ellen said...

Don't forget the dietary supplement companies - they have low overhead since they don't have to worry about that pesky safety and efficacy data or the FDA. Plus, with all the depression due to the economy, people are certain to put on a few pounds, and with the price of meds, weight loss supplements will boom. A perfect complement to the portfolio with large healthcare/PhARMA holdings, since people are either on meds, on supplements, or both. And when the supplements cause problems, they need a doctor. ;-)

Daniel Waters said...

Hi Ellen!

Spoken like a true pharmacist!

Take care,

Anonymous said...

wow. this....this is not all. :O

Anonymous said...

hi my name is natti i live in greenville, ohio
i read your book. i LOVE it. i hope you write another bout pheebe and adam and their sense he died that would be totally awsome. i would really, really, really like that and i know so would me friend cause they love Generation Dead also and i have alot of friends so if u please comeent me back that would be awsome and tell me what u think about writing another and i hav ideas for the story if u want to i will let you use them i don't care. thank
my e-mail is or thanks

Daniel Waters said...

Hi Natti!

Thanks for the compliments! I have written another Generation dead novel, it is called Kiss of Life and it will be out next June.

Take care,

P.S. I'm working on a third one right now!

Skizilla said...

Hi dan this is paxton from hoyts Congratulations on your writing career. I am a middle/high school librarian in east granby now and own your book

Daniel Waters said...

Hey Paxton!

I can't believe I missed your post. How the heck are you?

Take care,