Friday, September 5, 2008


I've had both a MySpace account and a Facebook account for three years. I can't even remember why I signed up for them, but a current friend send a friend request--my first--for these services a couple weeks ago. How pathetic is that, to be friendless for three years???? I feel kind of like Homer Simpson when he found out there was a "No Homerz" club. Anyhow, I'm now "Live" on those services now, although I'm not really sure how to use them and make them all pretty yet.

And in a delightfully synchronistic moment, a post came in here and in Tommy's blog today that I'm putting front and center here:

manicboo said...
Hey! I'm totally new here and I have no idea if this is the right way to be doing this, so apologies if I'm making some terrible faux pas...Basically I just wanted to let you know that my friends and I have created a group on Facebook for fans of Generation Dead, because we all love the book and want to share our opinions and ideas with other fans, as well as hopefully encourage more people to read it!The link to the group is below (hopefully I'm doing this right!) I hope you'll check out the group and approve of what we're doing - the group was only created a couple of days ago so members are a little thin on the ground as yet, but we're sure that'll soon change!Thanks

Wow, thanks, Maz! I'm honored and touched (in the head, but still)!

I hope they let me join...


manicboo said...

You're more than welcome, it's an awesome book and totally deserves it's own FB group lol

I shouldn't be taking all the credit though - it was Sarah's idea really!

Thanks so much for joining!

Buffalo Tom said...

Friendless for three years? I've been looking for you for three years! When you don't put a photo, list your schools, and have a common name it's a little hard to find you. I gave up after the 18th Daniel Waters on Facebook told me to get lost.
I assumed you were on the down-low because you owed me money. I am saddened to find out you don't owe me money.


Daniel Waters said...

Hi KG!

What I owe you, money can't buy.

Take care,

Anonymous said...


I can't type, I'm in school.
I just had to let you know,
My school has chosen me (and about five others) (since I read so gosh darn much!) to be on one of those cliche "read!" posters.

So I get to pick my favourite book, and pose with it for a poster that's going out to libraries all over Illinois.

Guess what book?
I bet you know what I'm going to pick.

the bell's about to ring.

Taylin said...

hahahaah "I hope they let me join..." hahaha just reading that made my day =]