Thursday, February 7, 2008

Jump in the Fire

Just a quick follow-up to my earlier post this week. I've narrowed the field to three, and one of those three has officially Caught Fire. Which is good, because I feel like somebody tripped my lead horse--my wife brought home some new YA books from home and one of them had a first chapter that had some eerie similarities to events in my first chapter! Not cool, not cool at all. I was fifty pages into that horse! The writers' story and mine veer sharply from the openings, but I think I'm putting that horse out to pasture all the same. Or maybe I'll just cut it loose to run with the wild mustangs in Oklahoma (I recently watched Hidalgo, which might explain all the equine rambles I'm having lately). If it truly loves me, it will come back. Or not.

Ours is still an abundant universe...


ymca123 said...

Because it seems that you read your comments I love your book, I got the ARC copy and am reading it for a book report, even though book reports slightly ruin a book it was great! Well i havent finished it, but thats okay its my 4th or 5th faverorite book, sry its hard to decide!

Daniel Waters said...

Hi Tali,

I'm glad you are enjoying the book--good luck with the report!

Take care,

ymca123 said...

I finished the book and I have to say totally fawesome, I cryed at parts, especially the end, can't wait to tell all my friends!