Friday, September 26, 2008

My Wild Life, Part XXXIII

We got a love between us that is like electricity

A week ago I saw a skunk so large it should have its own entry in the Dungeons and Dragons Monster Manual. It was at least two Bonnys in size, maybe three. I was at my desk writing and I saw the critter, whose head had so much long white-blond hair, or fur, that it looked not unlike that of C.C. DeVille, the guitarist from Poison (who must, come to think of it, be related to similarily-coifed Cruella DeVille). I watched as it loped beneath my window and went behind the garage, the same path that the giant woodchuck and the pheasant run down towards the apple trees.

Of course, I summoned my children, thinking they would be content to stay in the safety of my office and gaze out at the beast. Not so.

Still in their school uniforms, they ran out the house to get a closer look. They reached the corner of the garage. I could only see the bushy head of the skunk as it appeared, but it's mouth flopped open just like Muppet Beaker's whenever he was about to blow up the lab. My kids, screaming, turned around and ran back into the house. I haven't laughed that much in months.

The skunk must have been as terrified as they were, because it bailed on the scene without pausing to snatch one of the apples.

When I caught my breath I told the kids that that was without question the largest skunk I'd ever seen. My son, also catching his breath because of his rapid flight, made a beautiful comment that once again revealed to me that he has the soul of a poet.

"Yeah, Dad," he said, eyes wide. "He must be filled with stink!"

Thankfully, the skunk retained his stink without spraying my fleeing children.


KG's Babygirl said...

LOL! Kids are soo cute!

iROXurSOX579 said...

That is too cute!!!!!!! ^_^

Watching said...

heh heh Oh, yeah I bet it was "filled with stink"

Victoria said...

haha!!! kids r just too cute!!!!

Taylin said...

hahahaha thats soo funny!!

Anonymous said...

Marry me ,Danny!

Meg said...

yikes!! Skunks scare me! XD lol!


Daniel Waters said...

Hi KG's Babygirl!

Mine especially!

Take care,

Hi Iroxursox579!

I wish I could have taped it.

Take care,

Hi Watching!

It really does sound like a TV cartoon catch phrase or something, doesn't it? Something Moe on the Simpsons would say, maybe?

Take care,

Hi Victoria!

Mine especially!

Take care,

Hi Taylin!

Like I say, you shoulda been there...

Take care,

Hi Anonymous!

Marry you? I barely know you!
Plus, there's the whole "already insanely happily married" thing. But thanks for the offer!

Take care,

Hi Meg!

Especially those that are filled with stink.

Take care,