Sunday, January 11, 2009

More Phoebe Phan Art

Isn't this beautiful? It was done by Yasmin B and you can see more of her work at deviantart here. I've never really gotten to see readers with the U.K. edition of the book so I was doubly psyched to see it incorporated in the artwork.


Delaney the Undead said...

I had seen this on a week or so ago and I really liked it because of the quote she used.

props, UK girl.


Anonymous said...

Hi I'm Melanie ward I read your book Generation Dead and fell in love with it.I was wondering if there was going to be another book? I also have a Blog you can send me a message at
Melanie Ward

She's not dead | yazATTACK said...

^ - ^

heehee thankyou!

It's not the best, i'm hoping to put up some better photo edits soon, this one was kinda rushed..

Daniel Waters said...

Hi Delaney!

Thank you for bestowing props!

Take care,

Hi Melanie!

I did send you a message, but just in case anyone was wondering, there will be another book. Books! Kiss of Life, May '09.

Take care,


Daniel Waters said...

Hi Yasmin!

This was "rushed"???

Wow. Talent always astounds me.

Take care,

HallieTheDeadGirl said...

That is purely amazing(:
The guy on the right looks just like Tommy...Oh wow.
Whoever did that has TALENT