Friday, November 7, 2008

The Shirt Off My Back

Is this love baby, or just confusion?

My wonderful publicist Jenn from Hyperion sent me some more Generation Dead shirts to give away at the UConn Children's Book Fair. I guess I'll give these to anyone with a copy of a book to be signed. Zombies, whether they have a book or not, will get a shirt. Zombie cheerleders will definitely get a shirt.

While supplies last!


Danielle Marie said...

Man! I seriously NEED a Generation Dead Shirt!!! I want to go to Connecticut even though I am in Texas!!!!!!

BellaCullen said...

Hey Daniel, When are you going to come to MN/WI area? that would be so cool. I am Again reading your book trying to see if i can find some clue
or something I missed. What do The shirts look like?

BloggingBooksGalore said... should have more contests for some of them on here too!

evleafimore(allison) said...

same w/ danielle marie!! i live in texas!! can u send me one??????
best wishes,
evleeafimore (allison, the annoying one)

evleafimore said...

oh, i've re-read the book 3 times. i found something i missed the 2 times before. when r u coming to Austin? make sure u put it blod on ur blog. cuz the last time one of my fav authors came to Austin, i didn't know until a day later. that really ruined my weekend. BUT, it was in little letters that she was going to Austin for book signings, so if u do come, but in bold letters. thanks.
best wishes,

Anonymous said...

Any chance your coming to California any time soon?????

Delaney the Undead said...

Im going to have to agree and say that an online contest or merch store or something would be super spectacular for those of us currently in between states (oh yes, i am in between states...its possible) and other such places that dont have cool t shirts.



YourDeadFriendBee said...

Yes, yes!
Please, please come to California!
I've been passing around Generation Dead lately and, so far, like, fifteen people want to borrow it! You'll be so famous in SoCal really, really soon! LoL
I wish I could get a shirt...

Daniel Waters said...

Hi Danielle Marie!

I'm out of shirts--but I'll be in Texas in a couple weeks.

Take care,

Hi Allie!

I was able to go to Minnesota last year, so anything is possible. There was an early blog post of mine that showed the shirt--I'll try and find it.

Tale care,

Hi BloggingBooksGalore!

Ran out of shirts, but I think I'll do a contest soon. Kiss of Life arcs, maybe?

Take care,

Hi Allison!

No plans for Austin at the moment, although I'd love to go there. I will keep everyone posted.

Take care,

Hi Dee!

Merch? I wonder if I could work something out with Skip Slydell.

Take care,

Hi Bee!

California would be a dream destination for me. Some day!

Take care,

BloggingBooksGalore said...

ARCs!?!?!? I would be soooooooo excited to get my hands on one of those (the middle schoolers/high schoolers who use me as their personal library would too).

Meg/Minx said...

I f you came to NC you wouldn't have to fight any snow :)
We never have snow....:(

GothicKitten233 said...

Hey This is GothicKitten233 again I forgot 2 tell u that i can't really figure out the site. So could you email me the setting at

Anonymous said...

what is an ARC?

Daniel Waters said...

Hi Blogginbooksgalore!

I'll see if I can swing a contest pretty soon...

Take care,

Hi Meg!

I'd love to go to NC (especially if it didn't snow). Very close to my birthplace, which I haven't been to in a million years.

Take care,

Hi Gothickitten!

It isn't cheating if I give you the answer, is it?

Take care,

Hi Anonymous,

An arc = advance reading copy.

Take care,

Paige said...

Daniel, hey. I know this is probably not the place to say this, but I rarely ever put things where they are supposed to be. When I do, I do it in the most rebellious way possible.
Hah, so I'm rambling. =]
ANYWAY. What I was going to say was: I LOVED Generation Dead.It was the most brilliant piece of (non?) fiction I have ever read. =]]
So you should come to Texas. I want a Generation Dead shirt. I can't pay your plane fares, but I can almost guarantee if you come, there will be cake.

Take care!

P.S Sorry about the strangeness of this. It's nearly 3 am and I can't sleep. I've developed a rather ADD state of being. Speaking of, what's a zombie like with ADD?

Daniel Waters said...

Hi Paige!

I'll be in San Antonio, Texas in a little over a week. I like cake!

Take care,