Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Borderlands 6 Review

Cemetery Dance reviewed the Borderlands 6 anthology and my story therein, "Sinkers".

I assure you that the story is fiction and not autobiography, despite the review's mention of "drunken lowlifes".

Speaking of short stories, GD 4: My Best Friends Are Dead is dangerously close to publication.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Generation Dead Book 4: My Best Friends Are Dead

Table of Contents:

The collected My So-Called Undeath blog


1. How's Life
2. Doll Parts
3. My Dead Heart
4. Purpose Statement

New Generation Dead stories:

1. Still Small Voices
2. Melon Heads
3. The Pain of Being Alive

Bonus new Break My Heart 1,000 Times story:

1. Passing Swiftly

On sale soon.  This will be the first time that any of this material has appeared in physical print.

I am debating including a brief author's note. I always loved when Stephen King kicked off his short story collections with his own introductions. He'd act as his own Crypt Keeper, at times curating, cuing, teasing, and carnival barking not only the work itself but also the process of creating the work. And, often, the impact that the work had on the community at large. It was an essay and not an introduction, but seek out his "Ever Et Raw Meat? and Other Weird Questions" for a great example. I used to dream about receiving correspondence similar to what he mentions in the article, although I no longer et meat, raw or otherwise.

I was always fascinated by how well those intros and essays effectively conveyed the unique experience of being a professional writer while also revealing a complete understanding of what it meant to be a "constant reader", and so the idea of trying something similar is appealing.

Then again, I always hated when just about anyone else tried the same stunt so we'll see.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Borderlands 6

This non-themed anthology of horror features never-before-published works by: M. Louis Dixon, John McIlveen, Jack Ketchum, Rebecca J. Allred, Dan Waters, Michael Bailey, John Boden, Trent Zelazny & Brian Knight, Bob Pastorella, Peter Salomon, Carol Pierson Holding, Steve Rasnic Tem, Darren O. Godfrey, David Annandale, Anya Martin, G. Daniel Gunn & Paul Tremblay, Gordon White, Sean M. Davis, Tim Waggoner, Bradley Michael Zerbe, and Gary A. Braunbeck. Also included, one amazing previously published novelette by David Morrell.

I've a story in the newly released Borderlands 6 anthology alongside the work of some of the heroes & legends of modern horror fiction. Is it a Generation Dead story? Well, there are dead people. And most of the action takes place in the mysterious depths of  Oxoboxo Lake (yes, in the Oxoboxo!). And although I don't mention him in the story at all, Takayuki is watching George gnaw on a deceased opossum just off-camera on page two .Note: this last "fact" is fiction, and as anyone knows a fiction told about fiction de facto becomes fact.

You may have a difficult time finding my story because it is very short and because I used my super secret, non-YA, adult pseudonym: Dan Waters.  Shhh! Don't tell anyone!

Some other clues to help you locate the story: it is called "Sinkers", and it begins on page 41. You won't be able to locate "Sinkers" in Generation Dead Book 4: My Best Friends Are Dead, out from OMZ Press later this summer.

The roster of authors is stellar, as are the stories they've created.  I'm thrilled to be in such company.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Up from the Underground?

Generation Dead, Generation Dead Book 2: Kiss of Life, and Generation Dead Book 3: Passing Strange are now available in print and digital editions.  You can help out by recommending them to readers who missed them or were too young to read them the first time around. Reviews on the new listings would be greatly appreciated as well, as would social media/blog/person you met on the bus mentions.

So would buying one, actually. Click  Danny's Amazon Author Page to find and order.

I hope to have the fourth book available by the end of June. The cover art is completed and is every bit as gorgeous as the others. Generation Dead Book 4: My Best Friends Are Dead will be available in print and digital, and will include (for the first time in a physical edition!) all four stories from Stitches, the MySoCalledUndeath blogs, and a number of never before seen stories. The new stories set the stage for the next novel in the series, Generation Dead Book 5: Get Animated!, which I'm planning on releasing next year.

Your support is not only appreciated--it is critical! One new reader for each person who read the series when it was originally released will help make GD5 happen, so anything that you can do to  spread the word and bring the next generation of Generation Dead readers into the Haunted House will make a huge difference.