Sunday, August 30, 2009

I Declare....Rocktober

Kiss on tour!

Yes, folks, Kiss is on tour again. I noticed that for $995 you can get a VIP package that includes a meet and greet with Kiss at the Mohegan Sun Casino in beautiful downtown Uncasville (I actually saw Kiss in Uncasville a few years ago, and they provided me one of my all-time favorite concert moments when Paul Stanley yelled "Hello! Are you ready to rock...Uncasville?" Classic! At least he didn't try that "I heard that Uncasville audiences were the loudest audiences..." nonsense!). Of course, you won't meet Peter or Ace unless they are at the bar.

But actually I was talking about the Fall leg of the Kiss of Life Tour: Check out all of these fine events and establishments I get to visit:

Oct. 9 Davis Kidd Booksellers, Memphis Tennessee
Oct. 11 Southern Festival of Books, Nashville Tennessee
Oct. 17 Cornerstone Bookstore, Salem Massachusetts
Oct. 24 Austin Teen Book Festival, Austin, Texas
Oct. 29-31 World Fantasy Convention, San Jose, California

Unlike Gene and Paul and the other guys, I have elected to waive my usual $995 VIP package meet and greet fees! And no extra charge for my signature, which I will gladly place on any book that I've written! I also draw little zombies that look more like sloppy Rorschach blots but I try really hard!

However, I do not have Buckcherry as an opening act, either. I must warn you that the Kiss of Life tour is a "without makeup" tour, so if you were hoping to see "classic" Kiss of Life you might be disappointed. I will, however, be singing "Strutter","King of the Nighttime World", and "I Was Made For Loving You", all while wearing 7 inch leather platform heels.

Disclaimer: There will also be no actual kissing on the Kiss of Life tour. Sorry!


Kate said...

Yay for Nashville. I live like 30 min away and had no idea this was happening. I am so there!

Watching said...

Oh my gosh...It's amazing how they can be touring! How old are they anyway...'cause the band started in the 70's right? So like at least fifty? I suppose fifty is only a large amount for the "younger generation" though.

*o* I want to go so bad to the one in San Jose... I'll walk to it if I have to *starts packing luggage*

Amy said...

Austin!!! You'll be there right around my birthday. Maybe I can come out and see you there!!

Kye said...

What is it with authors? Totally avoiding where I live like it has some sort of infestation.
It doesn't! Hello! Come visit!

Lita138 said...

Daniel! Please believe I will be in San Jose super excited to meet you!!! I am bringing both books to have you sign..if you don't mind of course! But seriously will you sing KISS songs because that would seriously be awesome! "I Was Made for Loving You" is a personal favorite! :)

Raziel-Red said...

Yay for Kiss of Life!

Insert Book Title said...

Say no more! Nashville TN...I am so there!

Gabrielle said...

KISS is playing at Voodoo Music Experience this year. Psssh, you should add New Orleans to your tour- that way you can come see KISS.
-cough- Plus, then you'd be in the city I live in -cough-

But, seriously, KISS is playing at Voodoo fest, along with -many I don't remember but I remember these- All Time Low, and Eminem. ^^

Ellen said...

I might have to go to San Jose just to see you sing in those platform shoes...

shy_yet_talkative_girl♥ said...

Wish you were coming somewhere in northeast Pa . . . if you were, I would so be there! Please come here soon!!

Hang Yourself From Stolen Dreams <3 said...

Oh My God! I know how you feel! I'm so excited! I just found out I'm seeing my favorite band with my friends! Like an hour ago! So excited! Floor seats right nfront of the stage! I'm going to be able to TOUCH my idol!!!

Daniel Waters said...

Hi Kate!

Yay! See you there!

Take care,

Hi Watching!

I think they are even older--poor Paul has had a hip replacement because of all those years of dancing in platform shoes!

Hope to see you in San Jose! Do you know the way?

Take care,

Hi Amy!

I hope so! Happy early birthday!

Take care,

Hi Kye!

Um, I would, but I don't know where you live!

Take care,

Hi Lita138!

Believe it or not, I used to be in sing for a heavy metal band. We did "Cold Gin", "Sure Know Something", and an Ace song called "Rip it Out". Strange but true!

Take care,

PS I was pretty lousy

Hi Raziel-Red!


Take care,

Hi InsertBookTitleHere!

Yay! See you in Nashville!

Take care,

Hi Gabrielle!

I'd love to go to the big Easy...

Take care,

Hi Ellen!

It could happen...

Take care,

Hi Shy Yet Talkative Girl!

It could happen...

Take care,

Hello Hang Yourself From Stolen Dreams!


Take care,

HalloweenGrl said...

this is so awesome! i have already marked my calendar! i only live about 20 min away from Davis Kidd if i drive; everyone off the road! lol:)

MissReadsBooksAlot said...

Aw... I live nowhere near any of those places! It would be absolutely amazing to meet such a talented author like you!

Daniel Waters said...

Hi HalloweenGrl!

Yay! I look forward to meeting you!

Take care,

Hi MissReadsBooksALot!

Aw...tomorrow never knows!

Take care,

Jenni said...

I wish you were coming to CO. :(

Anonymous said...

OK so I just bought both books at the same time about a week and Im done with them and now I must know. Is there going to be another book coming out for the series? And when? I hope that it will be soon because I want to preorder it from Brans & Nobel