Sunday, February 1, 2009

GD Meets GB

There is a nice review of Generation Dead in the new issue of Margi's favorite magazine, Gothic Beauty, on sale at fine bookstores everywhere.

And speaking of gothic beauty, today's art pieces are from Bryony. I love the way Bryony remixed the artwork for the U.K. cover on this piece with Tommy:

And also how the color scheme of Kiss of Life was anticipated by this piece of Phoebe:

Thanks, Bryony!


Living Impaired Yazzie (not like it's a bad thing) said...

ooooh Repo! The Genetica Opera -- Tis amazing xD

christina said...

wow these ones are my faves! (so far xD)

Anna said...

Hah, I'd have to drive for 2 hours to get to a town with one of those bookstores [that sells the magazine.] But I saw a pretty sweet advertisement for Generation Dead in Seventeen...I kept it as a mini-poster =)

Anonymous said...

You're moving on up. 1st Gothic Beauty...then the world!

Daniel Waters said...

Hi Yazzie!

Haven't see it...yet.

take care,

Hi Christina!

I can't pick a favorite--I'm just so bedazzled that people are doing them.

Take care,

Hi Anna!

That was really good of Hyperion to run those ads in Seventeen--glad you are putting it to good use.

Take care,

Hi KG's Babygirl!

Onward, upward. If I can have a world, I want Venus. Or Saturn, maybe.

Take care,

Yazzie, The differently biotic kid said...

You must!!